Building Your Project

Once you have decided on a design for your project, Dave will work with you to choose an architect that can develop blueprints. The specific permitting process is based on your location, but typically a building permit will be obtained from the county or city and, from time to time, an environmental protection agency will also need to provide approval.  In an effort to keep costs low, Dave prefers to partner directly with the homeowner to obtain the appropriate permits, but will provide guidance throughout the process. .

Dock Dave partners with the lowest cost, yet high quality distributors in Orlando provide top quality pressure treated wood for framing, Grade A pilings to create a sturdy dock, and galvanized nails, screws and bolts. Each and every dock is constructed with clean, routered edges and custom blocks, providing a finished look unlike those produced by other marine contractors.

Once permits are pulled and blueprints have been approved, construction takes approximately three weeks - depending on weather and other conditions - and is completed by a single team from start to finish, with hands on involvement and oversight from Dave on every project. Dock Dave makes every effort to minimize the inconvenience of construction to you and your family and works to maintain a clean, respectable work site.