Designing Your Project

Dock Dave works personally with each customer to create the perfect dock, deck, boathouse or trellis for their needs. Dock Dave will discuss your project and the options available based on your construction area, budget and functional and aesthetic desires.


Docks can be designed and constructed to be as simple as a small activity area with steps, or as elaborate as a covered boathouse with multiple boat and jet-ski lifts and an extended walkway finished with a rope railing. A variety of custom options and accessories are available and include:
    Walkways in any desired length, either flat or arched
    Built-in benches or seating
    Functional activity or deck area of any size
    Covered boat slips for boats, jet skis or both
    Quality installed automatic boat lifts by Aluminum Boat Cradle
    Skirt boards
    Perimeter decking
    Composite decking
    Rope or wood railings
    Flood lights and fans
    Roof top sundeck with stairs

    Roofing options include:

    Flat roof (sun deck)
    Gable roof
    Hip roof
    Metal roof
    Shed roof
    Shingle roof
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Decks are custom designed to fit your outdoor area and can include any type of railing, as well as details such as skirt boards, perimeter decking, sunken hot tubs, and composite decking to add that extra appeal.


Dock Dave develops custom pricing for each project based on a straightforward and affordable formula. Each project's blueprints are used to determine an estimate for the necessary amount of materials with minimal waste. A material estimate will be obtained from the provider (which varies based on market rates). 

Build price is derived by multiplying the material cost by 3.75 to arrive at the fairest price available. Standard estimates include materials and labor for the roof if it is part of the project, but does not include electrical or plumbing. Dave will present a written estimate for your review after an initial meeting to discuss your project.

It is important to note that accessories and options noted above can increase the cost of the overall project, as it relates directly to the materials needed to complete the job.